Portable X-ray generator Owandy RX Portable with the added bonus of lightness Owandy-RX
Unparalleled image quality,

Portable X-ray generator


0,3mm focus

1,8 Kg

Easy to use

Long lasting battery

Owandy-RX Portable
Easy to use !

Easy-to-use information and menus

The parameters are displayed in a simple way to facilitate use:

> Battery level,

> Type of examination and patient,

> Emission of X-rays, kV, mA...

You can also configure the Owandy-RX Portable according to your needs thanks to the “MEMO” function.

Exceptional image resolution thanks to its 0.3 mm focus 0

Take X-rays by applying the predefined parameters 0

Can be used with one hand only 0

Up to 300 images on a single charge 0

Excellent image quality due to 3mA anode current 0

Simply charge by placing it on the base 0

Owandy-RX Portable

One of the lightest on the market

Weighing only 1.8kg, the Owandy-RX Portable is one of the lightest dental X-ray devices on the market. It is therefore easy to handle and position.

In your practice, whether in the chair or in the surgery room, our portable X-ray generator gives you total autonomy in your movements.

Images of unparalleled quality


Thanks to its focal point of 0.3mm and its powerful current of 3mA, obtain images of unrivaled quality, both with an OPTEO or ONE sensor and the Owandy-CR² plate reader.

Adapts to the various receivers on the market (films, digital sensors, ERLM system).

Owandy RX PORTABLE générateur de rayons x portable pour cabinet dentaire

Long lasting battery

Take up to 300 images on a single charge!

Dental practices must meet the material and safety requirements of the medical acts performed.

Some practice configurations require nomadic equipment (plate reader, portable radio, wireless impression camera…) in addition to installed equipment, dental surgeries or daily acts, whether in the chair or in the operating room.

Today, thanks to the Owandy RX PORTABLE, dentists can optimize their practice.

Adapts to the different receivers on the market: film, intraoral sensor, ERLM system

Examples of X-rays taken with an Owandy Radiology sensor or the Owandy-CR² plate reader.


Documents and brochure

A few minutes are enough to discover it and take it in hand

Learn more about the Owandy-RX Portable with our documents.

RX-Portable Brochure

RX-Portable Manual

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