ONE Dental Intraoral Sensor

Reliable and robust high definition dental sensor

High definition image




Multi-purpose X Ray dental sensor

ONE is an intraoral sensor featuring CMOS technology. Its ergonomics and design have been designed to adapt perfectly to your practice’s needs.

The smooth corners and rounded sides of this device allow your patient to be positioned with the utmost ease.

The sleek sensor and discrete cable make for optimum comfort in the mouth.

Speed of diagnostic 0

Optimised patient/practitioner relations 0

Mobile and portable solution 0

Reduced radiation doses 0

Use of non-toxic materials 0

Reliable and robust X Ray Sensor!

ONE is a multi-layer device:

– CMOS sensor

– Fibre optic

– Scintillator

– Anti-shock system

– Electronic

The sensor’s internal layout and construction give it a longer lifespan.

So we’ve added on a 5 year guarantee.

It takes just minutes to learn how to operate it.

ONE: optimised for your dental surgery

USB-supported, automatic operation, high durability.

Direct USB

No power pack


Excellent value for money

Compact design

Smooth, rounded atraumatic sensor


2 sizes of atraumatic sensor available (S1 and S2)

Easy to integrate

Integrates easily into your surgery via Twain

High sensitivity

High definition images at low doses.

ONE: appropriate for all your dental surgery’s needs

2 sizes for small and large frames. With a 5 year guarantee, this is a product designed to last.

It takes just minutes to learn how to operate it

ONE – find out more in this video

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Présentation ONE

The comprehensive dental imagery software solution

The QuickVision imaging software is intended for dental practices and includes a patient database, an imaging module and a dental diagram.

It can be used with dental digital radiology equipment, as a hub centralizing all patient images.

Quickvision allows users to perform all day-to-day imaging functions in the dental office: image acquisition and visualization, access to tools to enhance images, to measure, zoom, annotate images and to share data and pictures.


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