Owandy-CR² dental plate reader

The smallest plate scanner for dental practices

High definition image

The smallest on the market

Automatic detection

Designed for shared use

4 plate sizes for a scanner suitable for all dental practices

The Owandy-CR2 can be used in endodontics, in prosthetic and implant surgery, in periodontics, but also for caries diagnostics.

Different plate sizes are available to best meet your requirements (bitewing, retroalveolar, posterior, etc.) and your patients.

Size 0: Child 0

Size 1: Incisor segment 0

Size 2: Adult 0

Size 3: Bitewing 0

Size 4 (2x size 3): Occlusal segment 0

QuickVision 3D Logiciel de planification implantaire

Fully automatic dental plate scanner!

The Owandy-CR2 is highly intuitive:

– Plate detection

– Plate size detection

– Insertion direction detection

– Automated viewing and delete functions

– No complicated user interfaces

– Automatic standby mode

To ensure 100% hygiene, the plates come with a protective cardboard sheath and a single use hygienic cover.

So compact! And already indispensable to your daily work

The Owandy-CR2 is optimised for use in your dental surgery

Network-supported, automatic operation, high durability.

Ethernet or USB

Standalone or multi-device use

Fully automatic

Automatic detection

Compact design

The smallest on the market

For all your practice needs

4 plate sizes to suit all requirements

Easy to integrate

Integrates easily into your surgery

High sensitivity

High definition images at low doses.

Yes – size DOES matter!

The Owandy-CR2 adapts to suit all surgeries

Diagram and dimensions


Owandy-CR2 appropriate for all your dental surgery’s needs

Plates with a long lifespan, automatic operation and extended durability

Quelques minutes suffisent pour la découvrir et la prendre en main

Owandy-CR2 – find out more in this video

Learn more about Owandy-CR2 and find all our documentation.

Vidéo # 1

Owandy-CR2 presentation

The comprehensive dental imagery software solution

QuickVision imaging software is designed for dental surgeries, and comprises a patient database, an imaging module and an odontogram.

It can be used with digital dental radiology equipment, such as a hub centralising all patient images.

With QuickVision, users can carry out all imaging functions that a dental surgery is required to do on a daily basis: creating and viewing images, and accessing tools to enhance, measure, zoom in on and annotate images, as well as sharing data and images.


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