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The I-Max 3D PRO Cone Beam Universally accessible CBCT

CBCT scan dental devices and dental imaging software for Doctor of Dental Surgery

A full range of panoramic dental x ray systems, CBCT, dental xray sensor and dental software.





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Dental x ray hardware and software for dental oral surgery

Discover our dental x ray equipment and dental software, as well as implant planning software.

Cephalometric x ray

Cephalometric panoramic imaging

Cone Beam CT

Cone beam panoramic and CBCT imaging.

Panoramic dental x ray

Dental panoramic and cephalometric imaging.

Dental x ray Sensor

Discover our direct USB HD low-dose sensors.

Intraoral camera

Easily integrates into your practice.

X-ray generators

A range of high-frequency X-ray generators.

What do we do and produce ?

Owandy produces various dental equipment such as :

-Dental CBCT

-Panoramic dental x-ray

-Intraoral camera

-Dental x-ray sensors

-X-ray generators

We also have an Implant planning software for dental surgeons and doctors of dental surgery.

The equipment is at the cutting edge of technology. We try our best to fit dental implants need by dental surgeons.

Thanks to the great precision of our dental cone beam, the placement of implants is more precise. With an unmatched comfort for the patient. The CBCT scan dental is currently recognized as the benchmark sectional imaging procedure in dental oral surgery.

Owandy continues to innovate with the addition of new features to its products. A.I for automatic waxup, or the ability to scan impression trays and other plaster models.

Working in partnership with dental surgeons allows us to improve our software every day. Quickvision and Quickvision 3D, are used for implant planning and management of dental x-rays for patients.

Our software also allows 3D model printing, in order to work better on dental prostheses. By printing them directly after acquisition or after scanning the plaster model. Surgical guide are the best technic for implant placement. Working with our software is easy with guide design video.

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