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This is where you can find all of our drivers and software needed to install our products.

Panoramic drivers

Find individual drivers for your 2D, 3D and Ceph panoramic images. Download only the drivers you need.

Intraoral drivers

Find the individual drivers for your USB sensors, plate readers and cameras. Download the drivers you need.


Imaging software centralising all images acquired using an Owandy Radiology unit, compatible with DICOM.

Owandy packages

Owandy Packages contain all installation drivers as well as all diagnostic tools not included in individual drivers.


Remote control that allows us to repair machines remotely, once authorisation has been obtained.

Partner zone

Zone specifically for our external employees and partners. Compulsory access code on request.

ASSR Request

For distributors and partners submitting a return request for a hardware diagnostic, all fields needed.

Owandy Academy

Discover our training material, ask for our distance training for practitioners.

Technical support dental panoramic

Drivers: 2D – 3D panoramics – cephalometric images

Find the individual drivers for your products, so you can download only the drivers you need.

NB: For previous products, please download the Owandy 4.9.2 package

    I-Max Ceph: 


    I-Max Ceph 3D : 


    I-Max : 

V1.19.ZIP White button –

V1.10.ZIP Black button

    I-Max 3D :

V1.19.ZIP Bouton blanc –

V1.10.ZIP Bouton noir

    I-Max Touch : 


    I-Max Touch 3D : 


Technical Support : intraoral camera & dental x ray sensor

Drivers: Plate reader – sensors – camera

Find the individual drivers for your products, so you can download only the drivers you need.

NB: For earlier products, please download the Owandy 4.9.2 package

    Capteur Opteo : 

Version V1.13.ZIP

    Owandy CR2 : 

Version V1.16.ZIP

    Capteur One : 

Version V1.13.ZIP

    Owandy Cam : 

Version V1.06.ZIP

Technical Support : Quickvision Software

Quickvision - Dental imaging software solution

The Quickvision software is designed for dental clinics and features a patient database, an imaging module, and a dental chart.

It can be used with digital dental radiology equipment, serving as a centralized hub for all patient images.

    Win 32 / Win 64 Bits :

Version 6.06. pour les systèmes 32 et 64 bits de windows.

Technical Support : Quickvision 3D Software

QuickVision 3D - Implant planning software

Quickvision 3D is a comprehensive software that manage panoramic images, cross-sectional views, and bone models from axial image readings. It allows you to identify the mandibular canal and also display the 3D model of the bone to calculate bone density.

    Win 32 Bits : 

Version for windows 32 bits system

    Win 64 Bits : 

Version for windows 64 bits system

    Mac OS X : 

Version To use with a Mac, the following version should be used directly, without boot camp.

Technical Support : Owandy Packages drivers

OSP - Owandy Packages

The Owandy packages include all the installation drivers as well as diagnostic tools that are not included in the individual drivers.

Installation drivers for the following products I-Max, I-Max 3D, I-Max Ceph, I-Max Ceph 3D, capteurs One et Opteo V2, Owandy CR 2, OwandyCam, Owandy-Cam HD, Quickvision software and Quickvision 3D.

Unzip file and run Autorun

    OSP 6.06.A Version 6.06.A

    OSP 4.9.2 :  Version 4.9.2

Installation driver for other Owandy Radiology products (Krystal X, Visteo, DSX, Opteo V1, I-Max Easy, I-Max Plus, etc.

Unzip the file and run Install.bat

Owandy-IOS Intra oral Scanner Download

Technical Support : Owandy IOS

IOS - Owandy IOS

The Owandy IOS suite contains all the installation drivers but also the diagnostic tools.

Software and installation driver for the OWANDY-IOS scanner.

Unzip file and run Autorun

    Owandy IOS : Version