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Dedicated to dental professionals for over 30 years

Our company, Owandy Radiology, is a recognized European manufacturer in the field of dental radiology systems and imaging software.

Today, our software is used by nearly half of the practitioners in France, and our range of digital radiology solutions is available to dentists in over 120 countries across all continents.

Over the past 30 years, we have developed our expertise and know-how in dental panoramic imaging, Cone Beam '' CBCT '' technology, and software solutions (such as dental practice management software and implant planning software with QuickVision 3D). As a result, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of dental radiology systems worldwide.

Since 30 years

Who we are

Over 30 years’ experience in radiology.

A dedicated team of experienced professionals composed of around 180 employees and consultants, including :

> 25 R&D engineers

> 20 Marketing & Sales staff

> 39 Customer service & technical support staff

OWANDY RADIOLOGY is a dental-dedicated team with extensive expertise in dental practice and a global presence.

Our mission statement is embodied within our 9 Values that you’ll find in everything we do.


People first

Dealers, Users and colleagues, we are all bout people and maintaining relationships.



Our solutions must keep up with a profession in constant evolution.


User first

A unit means patients and their health. So our solutions must be easy to use, install, reliable and easy to maintain.



Everything we do is out there if you want to find more information. If not, just ask.



Beyond ISO regulations, we work tirelessly to offer you solutions best suited to your needs.



Customer and User success are key factors in our own growth. We strive to offer the best experience to everyone every day.



We feel responsible for our products and our colleagues. Their knowledge and skill allows us to offer the right tools for easier diagnostics.



Our 5 year warranty goes to show we believe on our units’ ability to go the extra mile. Our solutions deliver great image quality every time.



If you are a distributor, technician or dentist and have any question, we endeavor to give you the right answer as fast as we can.

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Where you can find us

Administrative and financial head office

> Croissy Beaubourg (77) – France


> Croissy Beaubourg (77) – France

> Varese – Milan ‐ Italy

Production / factory

> Varese – Milan – Italy


> Owandy Iberia – Madrid – Espagne

> Owandy Inc. – USA

What we stand for

We may have grown and changed over the years, but the mission statement stays the same : To offer solutions that move with their times and towards better and easier diagnostics for practitioners and their patients around the world.

We aim to provide dentists with a comprehensive range of digital imaging solutions designed to optimise and facilitate their day-to-day work.

Our commitment comes from a deep knowledge of our sector, dental professionals’ expectations and the fact that we believe that a unit installed means a practice, patients, their smiles and their well-being.

ISO quality assurance

Our accreditations

We certify all our products are in line with the regulations and directives currently in application.

> Quality Management ISO 9001 and ISO 13485

> Medical Device directive 93/42/EEC

> Products approved by the FDA (USA)

> Registration with Health Canada

> As well as other local accreditations


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