Safeguard your patients with HF technology





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Accuracy and precision


Highly precise exposure time, accurately controlled through a timer microchip.


Safeguard your patients with HF technology, which helps to reduce x-ray doses by eliminating harmful soft rays.

High frequency DC technology 0

High quality 0.4mm focus 0

Accurate to 1/100th of a second 0
Compatible with films, digital sensors and PSL systems 0
Hardware reliability

Reliable and robust!


The Owandy-RX has been designed to withstand all kinds of demands and stresses. It is also fitted with a system to guarantee its stability.


  • Eliminates vibrations

  • Eliminates interfering movements


Activates automatic exposure time compensation, regardless of any fluctuations in the mains supply.

No more worrying about trailing cables

Various additional options for improved

Owandy-RX options

Adapt your radiography to suit your needs

Remote timer

Up to 20m of cable

Mobile trolley

Easy to move around

Wireless control

Wireless option

Rectangular collimator

35x45mm / 25x35mm / 20x30mm

Long cone

More accurate beam

3 arm lengths

300mm / 600mm / 800mm
Adapts to work with the various receptors on the market (films, digital sensors, PSL systems)

Example with different receptors and the Owandy-RX

Reliable product, with a 5 year guarantee

It takes just a few minutes to learn how to operate it

Documentation and brochure

Learn more about the Owandy-RX by reading our documentation

A range that understands your needs

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