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Accuracy and precision


DHighly precise exposure times, accurately controlled through a timer microchip.


Safeguard your patients with HF technology, which helps to reduce x-ray doses by eliminating harmful soft rays.

High frequency DC technology 0

Variable high 60-70kV voltage 0

Accurate to within 1/100th of a second 0
Compatible with films, digital sensors and PSL systems 0

X-ray generator
Owandy-RX AC and Owandy-RX DC


Two products – one objective

Hardware reliability

Reliable and robust!


The AC & DC Owandy-RX have been designed to withstand all kinds of demands and stresses. They are also fitted with a system to guarantee their stability.


– Eliminates vibrations

– Eliminates interfering movements


Activates automatic exposure time compensation, regardless of any fluctuations in the mains supply.

Ergonomic design

Flexible arm!


The AC/DC Owandy-RX has three different arm lengths, to suit different layouts in your dental surgery.


The flexible arm allows the AC/DC Owandy RX to be handled effortlessly, with accurate positioning.


Its compact shape means it fits easily into your dental practice or implant surgery room.

Various additional options for improved integration

AC/DC Owandy-RX options

Adapt your radiography to suit your needs

3 cone types

More accurate beam

Mobile trolley

Easy to move around

3 arm lengths

41cm / 82.5cm / 110cm

Wireless trigger

Available with DC version
Designed to work with various receptors on the market (films, digital sensors, PSL systems)

Example with different receptors and the Owandy-RX

Reliable product, with a 5 year guarantee

Takes just a few minutes to learn how to operate it

Documentation and brochure

Read our documentation to find out more about the Owandy-RX.

AC-DC brochure

RX-DC manual

RX-AC manual

A range that understands your needs

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