From the CBCT to surgical guide

Find out how to “CBCT to surgical guide”, thanks to the Quickvision 3D software, you will be able to independently implement your surgical guides. 

This Webinar is presented by our imaging technical manager, Mr Jean-Michel KEPA. 

If you have any questions or special requests, you will find our contact information in the video. 

The main points covered in our Webinar: 

01 ::: The patient’s tour in four steps. 
02 ::: Getting started with the implant planning software. 
03 ::: The tracing of the mandibular canal. 
04 ::: How to make a measurement. 
05 ::: Make a panoramic reconstruction and create views.
06 ::: How to create a report.
07 ::: The placement of the dental implant.
08 ::: The prosthetic project Position the crown and align the implant.
09 ::: The different acquisitions of STL.
10 ::: STL files.
11 ::: Obtaining from a camera.
12 ::: Obtaining from a cbct “scan of the plaster model” .
13 ::: Obtaining from a spoon and silicone mold.
14 ::: How to matching “wax” with Cbct and the STL. 
15 ::: How to create the surgical guide.
16 ::: Face scan a patient communication tool.

For those who would like to learn more about CBCT or Cone Beam, we offer the following article which generally explains the key points in the field.